Tips for women undergoing Weight Loss Surgery

The epidemic of obesity which has gripped the world doesn’t discriminate between males or females and afflict both the genders. Besides being responsible for problems like high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, acid reflux et al, those extra pounds also create an upheaval in women’s hormonal levels. Apart from causing menstrual disorders, infertility and miscarriages, psychological issues, obesity has been associated with increased risk of almost every complication of pregnancy. In short, being obese is a life-threatening condition as it shortens life expectancy.

Undergoing bariatric surgery is a difficult decision for anyone and it becomes tougher for women in the reproductive age group. They worry if the surgery would adversely affect their chances of conceiving. But the truth is that the procedure can help certain women get pregnant in case obesity was behind their infertility.

So ladies, if you are deciding on weight loss surgery, here are a few tips to deal with the upcoming change:

Know about the Surgery
Bariatric surgery (Weight Loss Surgery in India) are of many types. Depending upon what suits your body type best, your doctor may suggest a particular type of surgery. Ask questions, we are here to dispel all your doubts.

Make Up Your Mind
Have a critical look at your life. Is it really how you want it to be? Are you unable to play with kids because of your weight? Are you comfortable going out for a party with your husband? If your answers are no, then you seem to be getting mentally ready for the big change. Go, see the Best Weight Loss Surgeon in India and lead a better life.

Be Realistic
You don’t have to burden yourself with unrealistic expectations. Come and talk to us, we have the Best Weight Loss Surgery Centre in India. Don’t expect an hour-glass figure after surgery. There are going to be many challenges on your way. But you will get ideal weight eventually. Body contours and figures, too can be achieved after bariatric surgery with exercise and body contouring cosmetic surgery.

Seek Family Help
Until you take that big step, there’s no harm in seeking family support. You will need them not just physically but even mentally through the journey.

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