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Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery (in India Punjab) by Certified Surgeon Dr. GS JAMMU. It is a combination of restriction and malabsorption. In this surgery we tackle both the reason of obesity i.e., over eating & over absorption.

In the first part of surgery the stomach is divided and a small tube of new stomach is created. This is the restrictive part of the surgery, where in we reduce the intake of food, so that one can feel full after eating small portion.

In the second part of the surgery we bypass some part of the intestine (about 150-300cm depending on BMI, age, eating habit of the patient. Next, the surgeon joins this loop and new stomach pouch. So, that food passes from the new stomach pouch into the small bowel where it meets the digestive juices which have moved downwards from the main part of the stomach.

Therefore about 1.3-3 cm of small bowel is not absorbing calories ultimately fewer calories absorption, and less food intake leads to weight loss.

The best part of MGB is that nothing is taken out of the body. So, in future if anyone want reversal due to any reason, it can be done easily.