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Anal Fistula ( Anal Fissure )

Anal Fissure Laser Surgery in Jalandhar Punjab

Laser Surgery for Anal Fistula in Jalandhar Punjab ( Anal Fissure )

Anal Fistula are small cuts or tears that occur in the lining of the anus. This tear can cause serious pain and even cause bleeding while passing the stools. Sometimes, the fissures become so deep that it can even show the muscles present underneath. When you notice the first signs of a fissure, it is important to get it treated in order to heal faster.

Although not a very complex condition, it can affect people of all age groups. Even seen in infants and young children, the main reason for this condition is constipation. Generally, it should heal within 4-6 weeks, and if it doesn’t, it is categorized as a chronic disorder.

Today laser treatments help treat fissures. It is a non-surgical treatment, which is extremely beneficial than other traditional surgeries. It is a day care procedure, which can be even conducted within 30 minutes. After this treatment, the patient is discharged on the same day. The radical fiber is used to treat the fissures.With no side-effects and no pain, today, laser treatments are preferred by many.

The various benefits of this condition include :

  • Very low pain
  • You may be able to go to work immediately
  • An easy procedure, hence, the patient remains confident
  • Fecal incontinence or fecal leak is avoided
  • Very less or no bleeding
  • Very less time to complete the procedure
  • Post-surgery care is too less
  • The recovery time is fasterA

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