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Reasons to avoid Fizzy drinks and colas post Bariatric Surgery?

Life post bariatric surgery calls for some tough discipline you have to do with yourself. You have all the reasons to gaze yourself in the mirror and ready to flaunt this ‘new you’ to the world but there might come stages or questions might cross your mind – Why cannot I have my favorite cola once in a while when I crave for it? Well, then one major part of #GastricBypassDiet is staying away from fizzy drinks and colas post bariatric surgery.

For the ones who love fizzy drinks like colas, soft drinks and energy drinks typically contain sodium and carbon dioxide to give fizz. Carbon dioxide the gas which humans release and is toxic, one usually consumes it just because there’s overeating and for that one satisfactory burp!

Reasons to Avoid Fizzy Drinks:

  • False Calories : False calories is one thing any #MgbSurgeryIndia patient would like to intake and colas have loads of it which aren’t of any good to the body.
  • Stimulates hunger hormone : Sadly, all the fizzy beverages are known to stimulate the hunger hormone and also act as an appetizer, which is certainly not a good thing if you are trying to lose weight. Now, if you happen to surrender to the hunger pangs, the patient runs high risk of #WeightRegain post #BariatricSurgeryIndia.
  • Bloating : All carbonated beverages will put excess air into the newly formed stomach pouch which can further result in bloating, nausea and excess gas. These are certainly the high time risks a #PostBariatricSurgery patient cannot afford to take. In addition, risk of damaging the stomach pouch is quite high if extreme nausea occurs immediately after the surgery.
  • Dumping : It can also be termed as throwing up or #RapidGastricEmptying which usually happens when the undigested contents of stomach move quickly into small bowel. Some patients might experience nausea or vomiting while others may report cardiovascular ones like flushing, palpitations and rapid heart rate, owing to having fizzy drinks.

Now that you very well are aware what harm fizzy and carbonated drinks can do to your system, thus it is a wise decision to add them to your forbidden list of drinks especially post your #BariatricSurgeryIndia.

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