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Why weight plateau happens after Bariatric Surgery?

After stepping out of the best bariatric center in India, one is thronged with questions about maintaining a lifestyle which helps one achieve that dream figure.  Many, at this point, might encounter a condition called Weight Plateau. This literally means a condition during which your weight loss subsides to progress. This can be owing to a multitude of conditions.

Being stuck at a weight-loss plateau is a common complaint by a #gastric bypass patient. Nevertheless, this can be tackled if patients are mindful of what they consume and keep a form of physical workout in their life. There are patients who after undergoing #weight loss surgery feel the frustrating reality is that even well planned weight-loss efforts can stall.

Why does it happen?

Multiplicity of reasons can be behind the issue of #weight plateau. The foremost reason can be attributed to eating habits as consuming junk, sugary and carbonated drinks. Another reason could be when the calorie intake is more than the calories burnt.

Then there’s hormonal imbalance and water retention in the body which doesn’t allow the body to shed weight. One factor which cannot be undermined is stress which happens at a slow pace but can cause havoc especially when you are trying to achieve your target of a particular weight.

Uncalled starving or forceful starving, as many people do it, for a weight loss or to maintain that weight is also not good for the body in the long run. And this might also be a cause of that #weight plateau

Lack of physical exercise or no movement of the body at all also attributes to weight gain post your #weight loss surgery.

Another thing could be loss of will and that perseverance factor to keep going. #Weight plateau can be quite frustrating at times but the skill is never to lose that will power and keep trying to lose weight. After all, good things do take time.

Our experts will share tips with you on how to break weight plateau in the upcoming blog.

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