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How to break weight plateau?

Initially the weight might seem to drop after you have undergone Bariatric Surgery in Jalandhar but after a while it just stops. Now, this is what most people dread. You need not worry about this newfound situation which can be quite challenging, but you need to stay determined to overcome this #weight plateau.

Our experts have come up with few pointers to go through to break that weight plateau which can cause hindrance to your #weight loss regime.

Tips to overcome weight plateau :

• Exclude unhealthy food from diet :

Be mindful of what you eat and cut back on carbohydrates and avoid calorie-dense foods that stretch the stomach. Instead focus more on protein intake for muscle mass and work on your metabolism.

• Increase workout frequency :

One major reason as to why #weight plateau happens is that that the body starts getting used to the same routine and not to forget it gets boring too after a while. To get results, it is best to change your workout routine or increase frequency or join some new class.

• Increase intake of complex fibers :

This is the secret trick to break weight plateau. Increase you complex fiber intake in your diet which will help in breaking down your food faster and burn more calories.

• Check calorie consumption :

What you eat plays a major role in your weight loss goals. Thus, going as per the diet the dietician prepared post your bariatric surgery with careful measurement of calorie intake aids you in weight loss.

• Include a daily sport in routine :

This will help you break the monotony of your daily exercise routine and also be a fun way to break that #weight plateau.

• Get adequate sleep :

A good full night’s sleep is quite essential when you are aiming to break that weight plateau especially after bariatric surgery. Even a small amount of sleep deprivation can cause increased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. Thus a complete 8hours of sleep at night will support your #weight loss


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